Wastewater Treatment

A filter media for wastewater treatment of unique quality

EXPO-NET Danmark A/S is the biggest supplier of extruded polyethylene net for the below mentioned main fields.

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1. WWT
  *   Trickling filters
  *   Submerged, aerobic filter
  *   Submerged, anaerobic filter
  *   Rotor Filter
  *   Sedimentation
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2. Wastewater - Industrial/Domestic Industrial Wastewater:   *   Biological aerobic and anaerobic 
      wastewater treatment plants
  *   Primary treatment plants
  *   Treatment of oil-bearing wastewater

Domestic Wastewater:   *   Big and small biological wastewater
      treatment plants
  *   Root zone plants
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Aquaculture   *   All kinds of biological wastewater
      treatment plants
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